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Hongkong Disneyland

Every traveller's first trip out of their country, i think, should be Hongkong. Ok, maybe that depends which country you're from. ^^ If you're from the Philippines, this is a good place for a first visit and that's where hubby and i went for our first overseas trip. Who among us didn't dream of Disneyland when we were kids? Gotta go see for ourself.

As soon as you hop onto the Disney Train, you'll get transported back to your childhood.. you'll hear nothing but Disney songs from that point on and you can't help but sing along... "I know you, i walked with you once upon a dream....^^"




The Flights of Fantasy Parade

This is a must-see on your trip to Disneyland! A parade of life sized storybook characters! Weeeeeeeee! ^^













Sleeping Beauty's Castle


The trip would've been more fun if the HK population were friendlier.. one would think they'd be used to tourists.. and the language barrier was just complicated. ^^

Anyways... we went to see Disneyland and that was worth the trip! ^^ Dip-a-di-doo-dah.. dip-a-di-yey.. my oh my what a wonderful daaaay!"

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Trip to Potipot Island

sunny 32 °C


For our Anniversary, we went on a road trip to Uacon Zambales. From there, its a 3 minute boat ride to Potipot Island, also known as "Poor Man's Boracay. It's just a tiny dot in the middle of nowhere when you look at it from a map. People come here for camping mostly or just to enjoy the beautiful beach for the day and come back to the town at sunset.

Definitely worth the 7 hour drive from Manila.


We stayed here at Harvest Beach Resort. It was still fairly new at that time and there were only a few rooms ready for use. But we preferred this to the big noisy jampacked resort which we went to first. An airconditioned room with shower costs PHP 1,000 / night. We only used it to nap and store our things before we went to the island to stay the night.


Our camping area. ^^ We brought hotdogs, canned goods, rice and lots and lots of ICE! We got a little hungry but had a steady supply of cold drinks! ^^ Next camping trip, we must bring more food.


Sunset here is just breathtaking.. Before Sunset, go for a walk around the island. It will probably take you only 2 hours. It will be low tide then and you'll only have the waning sun to light your way. Magnificent...


Dawn at the Island.. Preparing for breakfast before we take a dip in the water.. No one's up yet. ^^ It's the best time.




We left behind this image of us to mark our passing.. ^^ We'll come back soon.. with more food!

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